Tropos 7320

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Product ID: TR7320

The Tropos 7320 Outdoor Mesh Router is a full-size wireless networking platform designed to deliver high performance in outdoor environments. Architected to provide maximum flexibility and configurability, the 7320 router delivers significant performance increases through support for the 802.11n standard, a next-generation high-sensitivity radio design, and the incorporation of patented new features into the industry-leading Tropos Mesh Operating System.
Decentralized architecture
Optimizes throughput in realtime and ensures scalability
Dynamic selection of optimal end-to-end path
Delivers the highest performance
Network performance
Capacity maximized by automatic optimization of power and rate on per-connection and per-packet basis
Support for 802.11n
Delivers significant performance enhancements
Flexible, modular form factor
Can be customized with userselected antennas

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